you are a piece of shit
i will kill you

             is that all you’ve got
             a few derogatory words
             and regurgitated rhetoric?

not in the least
i’ve got your voice
and i’m inside your head
i can cover you with shame and pain
any time i please

my brain is wrapped in steel wool

return of the lovely bear :) :) :)

"security is the most important asset of personality because in order to achieve it, one must feel at ease with one’s self"

— robert odenwald, m.d.

i thought if i burned all the bad words
they would leave me alone

conversations with
the sleep of reason

in my dreams
you are the light
that fills me

the ought criminal came and stole away with
everything i had done
only to replace it with
all this shit
i was supposed to have accomplished

i am ashamed
riding the bus
with these people
who get it done

"i wanna squash bugs for you
and pick you up over puddles"

— randy

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before we gave in to the aromatic mystique of coffee
i would imagine people knew how to filter the sun
through the leaves above and about them
to enjoy the nectar of a day lived well
and be full with that

decades-old nervous laughter

"if i say to the pit (she ‘ol), ‘you are my
and to the worm, ‘my mother,’
or ‘my sister,’
where then is my hope?
who will see my hope?"

— job